Local friend connecting travel and culture


Travuddy is a new concept in Hallyu (Korean Wave) travel platforms, 

where foreign travelers seeking to experience K-culture in Korea can access customized travel plans uploaded by local Vuddies residing in the country.


Taking into account that the word "Buddy" means "a true friend", 

in Travuddy, "Vuddy" refers to a friend and a travel planner at the travel destination.

Vuddy’s Duty


Vuddy plan local cultural experiences into travel plans and offer them to traveler friends.

Vuddies play a role similar to local friends living in the travel destination, introducing Korean culture to travelers from around the world who seek to experience K-culture. They provide and guide travelers through travel products related to Korean culture.

Apply for Vuddy

Become a Vuddy and create your own travel plan!

By delighting travelers with local stories and K-culture, 

you can seize opportunities for revenue generation.

step 01
Apply for Vuddy

Please sign up, create a profile, and then apply to become a Vuddy.We will conduct a Vuddy approval review based on the information you provided.

step 02
 Register My Place

Please register the local places you want to share with travelers. To create a Travel Plan, you must register 'My Place' first.

step 03
Create a travel plan

Select various places imbued with the local colors to create your own travel plan. Once the travel plan is created, it will go through review and upon final approval, it will be published for travelers to view.

step 04
Travel plan revenue settlement

We will provide cash settlements based on the sales of the travel plan.


Travuddy offers a unique experience by planning and creating travel plans that include K-culture reservation services, K-pop performances, and fan meetings with Hallyu stars, bringing fans from around the world together.

K-culture reservation services

We provide plans tailored to the needs of Hallyu fans, including ticket purchasing services and accompanying guides for K-culture events held worldwide, through the Travuddy app.

Opportunities for 

K-pop concerts and

Hallyu star fan meetings

Trevuddy directly plans fan meetings or concerts featuring Hallyu stars such as idols, singers, actors, and influencers, and provides them through the Trevuddy’s platform.

Planning and guiding 

K-culture travel packages

Unique K-travel package plans offered exclusively by Treverdi's local buddies, including K-drama and movie filming location tours, K-pop music video shooting location tours, and tours to restaurants featured in K-dramas.

Selling tickets for K-concerts, fan meetings, theatrical performances, and exhibitions

We sell a variety of tickets exclusively through the Trevuddy app, ranging from K-pop concerts to fan meetings and exhibitions, offering exclusive benefits available only on Trevuddy

Travuddy travel plans provide unique experiences!

A platform for experiencing diverse local stories and 

K-culture with local friends.